Born in 1983 in Zurich. Curator, art consulter and artist, I am a mixed-blood from Korea, Switzerland, German and England, a child of roaring 90ties and a living example of a postmodern bastard. Growing up in suburbia Zurich, I was blessed with a wholesome educations system; music, danse, language, mathemathics and economics. Studied art history in University of Zurich, languages ins France, Korea and Serbia and are currently enrolled at the MA Fine Arts at the Zurich University of Arts. CV

Artist Practice


Degree Show, Master of Arts in Fine Arts, Züricher Hochschule der Künste,

HnC, Performance Project, Parallel Project, Manifesta 2016

Welcome, Dynamo Zürich, 

Cabaret Voltaire, Kunsthallekleinbasel PERFORMANCE ABEND, 26. März 2016, 100 Tage Dada 

LEGS, Coner College, 27. 02.2016, curated by Dorothea Rust 


Bone Performance Festival, Bern, Switzerland 

No Access (Intrusion tolerated), Topic, Geneva, Switzerland 

Against the Wall, Friday Exit, Wien, Austria 

Plan Q, soirée performative. Quartier General, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland 

Destillat, A tandem exhibition together with Nicolle Bussien and guest critics Mediengruppe Bitnik, ZhdK, Toni Areal, Zurich, Switzerland 

Act Performance Festival, 11.4. Basel, 18.4. Luzern, 25.4. Zürich, 2.5. Geneva, Schwitzerland 

Visual Dialogs, together with Olivia Jacques and Milenko Lazic, Moë, Wien, Austria 


Minimale 14. Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Luzern Necastle 

Creative Network Artfestival, Newcastle, Southafrica 

Over, Across, Between. Blantyre Arts Festival, Former French Arts Cultural Center, curated by Nkule Mabaso, Blantyre, Malawi 

Tidymess. Gallery iS OiSi, curated by Viola Lukacz, Zürich, Switzerland 

What We See & Make Seen. Museum Bärengasse, Zürich, Switzerland 

Seduction, Consumption, Indigestion. G159, Bangalor, India 


Catch of the Year, Fabribraland. Dienstgebäude, Zürich 

Radionica. artist workshops and residency in Bijelina, Bosnia-Herzegovina 


Open Studio Days. Artist Residency Muota Brunnen, Schwyz, Switzerland 


Chaostage. Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich 

Euro Latin Performance Tour. curated by Harm Lux, Walcheturm Zürich, Switzerland 


Armor Show. Gallerie Mü¨, Zürich, Switzerland 

Sommercamp for Your Housplant. An urban gardening project, Gallerie Mü¨, Zürich, Switzerland 

Open Stage, Bachelordiplomausstellung. Güterbahnhof Zürich, Switzerland 


Founding of an independent artist group, Salon Balon, former Druckerei, Zürich, Switzerland 



Creative Space Occupied, Lecture at Urban Series II, Hungarian Culture Centre, Istanbul 


Give it a Presence. Necastle Creative Network, Newcastle, South Africa, during the annual Artfestival of NCN. 

On Performance Art since the 70ties. Shristi School of Art, Desing and Technology, Introductionpresentation on the practise of work Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Lecture, Bangalore, India Art Practise. 

Propädeutikum, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland 


Reinventing Karakuri Ningyu-kyo. presentation on the art practice of Kirsty Boyle, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany 

Childrens workshop, bodypainting and murals during the Radionica, artist workshops and residency in Bijelina, Bosnia-Herzegovina 

Curatorial Practice 


Circling Algorithms - Guest curation at Mikro, Zurich Switzerland.


Hold the Line, please. 14. - 28.3. Groupexhibition on the media of drawings inside a former industrial factory, a collaboration with Salome Kuratli and David Morrison. Schlieren, Zurich, Schwitzerland.


i shine - you shine - curators collaboration, A 6 month collaboration between offspace curators sharing one room as a basis for practical exchange. Collaborating Offspaces, Counterspace (ZH), Die Diele (ZH), Tom Bola (ZG/ZH), Die Werbefläche (ZH) and Johanna Saxen (DE/CH), Zurich, Switzerland.

2012 - 2013 

Die Werbefläche . Contemporary art in a shopping window, Zurich, Switzerland.


Speed Up Time - An exhibition venue hosted at the artist in residence studio of Pro Helvetia in collaboration with the australian new media artist Kirsty Boyle (AUS), Rote Fabrik, Zürich.


A.I.R. Muota Brunnen, artist residency in a formal zement factory in collaboration with Jessica Pooch.


Groupexhibition Vogelfang/ Fowling, curated with Katalin Leichtfried at Kunstraum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland. Artists: Kamran Behrouz(IR/CH), Soren Berner(CH/D), Thierry Garzotto(CH), Grüter/Graf(CH), Sandra Knecht(CH), Milenko Lazic (CH/BIH), Katalin Leichtfried(CH/HU), Svetlana Mazoulevskaia(CH/RU), Ewa Pilakowski(F), Maria!Pomiansky(CH/RU/ISR), Ekin Senan(CH/TR), Whitney Sparks(USA), U5(CH), Simon Vahala(CZ), Veli&Amos(CH/ISR/SL), Kemang Wa Lehulere(ZA) 


Yes We Are Open - 6 months guest curation together with frfr-international.

2010 - 2015 

Freelance curator for the city council of arts in Zug, exhibition projects: „Gleichung Glück“, „Bring Your Own Artpiece“, „Sepp von Rotz – Vergänglich“, „Ü50Art“, „Werkschau Henry Bachmann“, „s’Zündhölzli“, „Artists Christmas Bazar“ 

voluntary service since 2012 

Directrice at Fondation Ambar, Bonsia-Herzegovina.


2016 Master of Fine Arts, Zürich, ZHdK 

2005-2012 LIZ, arthistory, Universität Zürich 

2008 Institut za Strane Jezike, Beograd, Serbia 

2004- 05 KLI, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea



Maya Minder